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January 05, 2007 | Comments 350

Dear Fans,

It has been a while since I’ve addressed you personally here on my official website. The last couple of years have been quite a ride for me, the media has criticized my every move and printed a skewed perception of who I really am as a human being. Behind every decision I have made in my public life there always seems to be an apparent contradiction. I have come to terms with that which is why I usually don’t pay much attention to it.

The last couple of years have been very enlightening for me and now that I’ve had the time to be “me,” I’ve been able to sit down and think about where I want to go with myself as an entertainer with absolutely no strings attached. I am now more mature and feel like I am finally “free.” I’ve been working so hard on this new album and I can’t wait for you all to hear it and to go on tour again! I would like to exclusively tell you that I am working hard to release the new album sometime later this year, but the date is of course not certain yet. I look forward to coming back this year bigger and better than ever, and to also reaching out to my fans on a more personal level. I noticed today that one of my biggest fansites is shutting down soon and I want you all to know that I do understand all the reasons that went behind making that decision, and I am sad to see it closing. If I were you I’d be unhappy too if I had to read what I’ve been reading every day. But trust me, I get it. I know I’ve been far from perfect and the media has had a lot of fun exaggerating my every move, but I want you all to know that I love my fans so much, and I appreciate everything you have done for me, so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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  1. Slacy says:

    Hi Britney!

    I’m your the biggest fun, and i love u so much. I’m writting from Banjaluka. I just wanted to tell you that i don’t know you personally but i do know how it feels when people close to you look down on you.Keep your head up and don’t let that get to you.
    If u need some support, I and all your fans will give u some! Big kiss, your Slacy!

  2. Max says:

    Britney, I am your biggest fan in the world!! I love you soooo much!!! please please please go on tour!!!! And if you do please come to Belfast!!! I love you so much and i always will!!! xxxxx

  3. stef says:

    hey brit im not sure if ull get this and im not sure if this is actually u but if it is i wanted u to kno that i am so happy for u in all the hard work ur doing i kno the paparazes are crazy but just stay away from them i kno its hard to obviously but ull get through it i kno that u wil get better dont worry just keep trying and relax yourself too. im looking forward from hearing from u .whenever u have the time just write back if u can kk bye

  4. Koonce says:

    We are here to serve HIM

  5. bogi says:

    hy britney!! I’M please your. what e-mail address? there speek!!!!!!byebye bogi

  6. bogi says:

    britney now up or ?????????

  7. bogi says:

    I’M strain to resembe you strain!!!!You write I’m

    thanks!!!!bogi!!!!byebye good night

  8. bogi says:

    I’M go bed good night!!!!!!!hihi kiss kiss

  9. bogi says:

    happy name day

  10. bogi says:

    are you why no answers??????????????

  11. melissa says:

    Britney,you was and will always remain my idol through my whole life! i have all your albums or posters! don’t worry for your childre, they will be yours forever…and don’t let anyone, even the media, destroy you. you know who you are and dont let anybody forget you this…YOU ARE THE BEST–WE LOVE YOU!!!

  12. bogi says:

    hy britney!!!!!!!!!!!are you what be new music??????,

  13. i'M britney says:

    you are please!!!!!

  14. kirsty says:

    hey britney, i think that you are so amazing you have been through alot these past years and i am proud to see you getting back on your feet i am sick of people saying horrible things about you and at the end of the day loads of people go through the same things that you have been through alot of people dont understand what it is like well take care love you xxx

  15. Debra says:

    I admire all your hard work and believe in you. It takes a lot of guts to put up with all the crap people write about just to make money off of someone elses hard work. You are truly admired. Good job in getting throught the rough times. I have a question to ask you if you can email me and tell me it would be nice, I will understand if you can not. I am a single mom (48) of two grown boys. I also am an aunt of two lovely nieces 3 and 4 yrs of age. I would like to know how to get them started in the MM Show with Disney and do not know where to start. They are smart and beautiful just like you. It is something I thought I could now get my life in since I am alone now that my kids are grown and I love them. You inspired me to the thought that they can have a chance at this. You turned out to be so wonderful and beautiful. I hope life for you will bring much happiness forever.

  16. heidi from wales says:

    hi britney, i think ur great. i listen to ur music everyday.. u are a great role model to women and young girls all over the world. people make mistakes, we`re only human, nobodys perfect. i wish the paparazzi would leave u alone. your a great mother, and dont let anyone tell u diffrent. ur truly amazing. love you and take care xxxxxxx

  17. bogi says:

    ok!are you britney or?when be new music?

  18. bogi says:

    ezt már régen írtam mivvel nem angol vagyok ha nem magyar ha te britney vagy akkor gondolom eltudod olvasni

  19. Chris says:

    I cannot believe some of the things that people have written on here! It is not expected that everyone be a fan of every entertainer out there but must we cut them down?!?!?! I personally would never say those things about anyone, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I know for a fact that she is not the only person in the world to suffer a breakdown or make a mistake when it comes to parenting…the only difference is that Britney had/has a camera in her face at all times catching every slip up. Find something else to do with your time… MY GOD!!!!!

  20. Ronak Gabrielle says:

    All i have to say is Your in Every Girls Heart :))
    Without you, i wouldn’t have the great life i have, your music has inspired me THANK YOU

  21. LaYer89 says:

    I really don’t judge you! we all make mistakes but only yours are public! if anyone would find out ’bout my mistakes, they should probably kill me… just kidding’ ;)

    but truly… i really love you and i think that you’re great performer, singer, actress, and above all… GREAT MOTHER! :D
    all the best from Serbia!
    xxx Lucky… ;D

  22. moon-eb says:

    hey britney im mooneb i love you so mutchhh and i waiting your album circus i know that it well very greattt like you britney i loveee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  23. Kaz says:

    Hi Britney I just want to say welcome back..People tend to forget about all the good Britney has done for many people and what right do people have to talk about others anyways!!People need to just leave well enough alone give this woman some space to spread her wings…Fly high Britney.

  24. Diablo says:

    Brit’s I just went thru all those messages so I took the time to read all of them atleast read mine ok?I’m not a musician, I’m not a star, so go back before u became famous and relate to what I’m about to say please.I need some assistance with something (not money)I need a contact(a person within the music business)reason being I want to put on the biggest show for Cancer ( a cure)like liveAid and I want nothing from it whatever comes from it IS YOURS I can’t make people stop printing LIES about you or ur life but you can make them look at you in a different way.Im serious about what I ask of you .think way back before you started getting noticed Someone Helped you,someone gave you a shot, a chance, A BIG break all I ask is for a solid contact email me that please.Britney it sounds far fetched but that’s what they said of LiveAid back in 85′ I’m not much older than you.I’m Canadian and proud to be one and all I want to do is make a difference. I’m not another wierdo so give it some thought and please let me know ok thank you,

  25. ANN FROM MS says:


  26. Desiree says:

    I don’t even know if Britney would read this… But, if she were to I’d want her to know that “No body is perfect.” You are only human, and it is inevidable that you are going to make mistakes… Some big, some small, some huge! No matter what, you are “you” and that is the Britney we all love. I have been a fan of yours since you came out! I have always thought nothing but the best of you even now after all that has been said I don’t think any less… I just figured that if people were to video tape my life 24/7 they’d see some stuff they might not like too. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Those people that really matter will be there in the end… No matter what! I loved the video for “Womanizer” & I can’t wait for the CD!!!

    You ROCK (always)!
    Lots of love,

  27. caroll says:

    For britney
    What u went through was very usual for anyone in ur position and thank God for u.Shake it and make it ur past and lets proceed from here.Remember God is always watching even in the lowest point of our lives and he has seen u through.I have through all u went through and i did all u did even worse and God has been faithful.Take care and much luv.

  28. Ivi says:

    Britney i love you so much!!! I want to see your sexy dance again!!! Please dance again like in a Video “I am slave for you”!!!!! I want to see your great performance on the stage and great Videos!!!!! I hope, you dance again and have sexy great performance on the stage and in the Video!!!!!! And with a blond hair you looking very beautiful and better than with brown or black hair!!!! Please don´t have brown or blacke hair!!! Have just blond!!! Please belive me!!!!! You are the best Popstar in the world and in the history!!!
    Sorry for my bad englisch, I´m from Europe…

  29. Richard says:

    Hey Britney im just an 11 year old boy.I really like your music so keep up the good music.Everyone at scoohl hates you for some reason but not me i love you and your music.Your so awesome I dont know y people dont like you but your cool to me so dont forget I like you as a fan so dont forget not everyone hates you like me and whole bunch of other people in the world.

  30. dotti says:

    hey brit i luv u soooooo much and i am very proud of u , and im glad 2 hear that u care about ur fanz bc we care about u very much luv u britney and i have all ur records ,

  31. Yizzabell says:

    I think yur doing a great job! I was a really big fan of yours when I was like….3 years old! Your where my idol. But seriously, your doing an outstanding job. I’m really sorry about your kids too! I hope things that involve that situation with your childeren resolve in a positive way. Your wonderfull, Britney.


  32. Yizzabell says:

    P.S. Sorry about the “yur” typo that was supposed to be “you’re”! And I love your new song “Womanizer” Keep it up,Britney!


  33. wanike says:

    jine wat gaan an met jul mense!!!!! wie is julle om haar sleg te se sy het nou net gese sy weet sy het voute ge maak en hier kom jul en se haar sleg as jul niks beter het om te se nie then SHUT UP!! britney ek sal altyd an jou kant wees en was nog altyd! jy het klomp fans wat een 100% agter jou staan en wat altyd daar gaan wees! and MATT sy het jou nie nodig nie SY HET HAAR FANS! thanx brit vir die brief baie lief vir jou! mwah mwah!!!

  34. danielle says:

    hey britney ek is ook een van daai mense wat vas agter jou staan… want lyk my daar is mense soos MATT wat net jaloers is omdat jy so SUPER… en OULIK … EN NICE … en SEXY VERBY! is… glo my ek wil ook soos jy wees eendag want jy maak elke dag my dag ,want jy maak ook foute want jy is ook manet ‘n mens en kan nie help daarvoor om so ONGELOOFLIK te wees nie…maar moet gaan en bly soos jy is …mwa love u lots like jelly tots!

  35. Timberley says:

    I think that your performance on bambi 2008 awards rocked.. And you look great. I have 2 kids and work hard but still don’t look as fab as you!

  36. Zuzana says:

    Brutney, you great, that´s tru! You´re PRINCESS! Beautiful, your songs help me in my life to be strong!!! THANKS

  37. Amy says:

    I think your awesome I’ve been a fan since 1998. I knew you would come back. I always had faith in you. I hate people who talk crap about you there losers. I’m a 28 year old female and I think you are very talented. Your boys are adorable. Don’t let anyone get you down. Your better than them, and your strong. I love you Britney, keep up the good work. Your an excellent mother.

  38. jessica says:

    Dear Britney Spears,
    im so glad you back on tour i hope u come to pittsburgh caus e i really want to c u in concert & meet u back stage . im so excited 4 your new album circus i love the songs on there

    love jessica

  39. jessica says:

    im so glad that your back on track @ 1st i thought you werent goin to b back on tour cuz if you werent i miss your music cuz i love your songs i listen to them all the time when im on the bus going to school
    but im glad your not quitting cause u rock britney im ur biggest fan i didnt like seeing want you were going through

    ur biggest fan jessica

  40. jessica says:

    ik u have prayer
    have good christmas Britney have safe one luv jessica ur biggest fan xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  41. jessica says:

    i love u so much Britney
    iv’e been wanna see u in concert so bad since iw as young and now i want to c u in concert still cause i love your music so bad i would love to c u in person i just want to meeet u

  42. jessica says:

    just want to tell u britney who ever says anything to u on here dont listen to them and dont comment them back cause they have no right to say mean things 2 u .
    who ever says anything on here r **LOZERS**

  43. jessica says:

    just want to tell u britney who ever says anything to u on here dont listen to them and dont comment them back cause they have no right to say mean things 2 u .
    who ever says anything on here r **LOZERS**


  44. jessica says:

    Hey Britney ,

    who ever says something to u thats mean dont listen to them cause. U know want britney u rock
    the world . i heard your
    coming to pittsburgh and ive been wanting to c u in concert so bad . since you came back on tour your still the same and we want u to stay that way 4eva we want u to stay the same pop princess and ur pretty dont let noone get to u .

    ur biggest fan jessica luv u
    ur biggest fan

  45. paige says:

    hi britney it is your number 1 fan i just want to say you are great at singing. i love britney spears yeaaaaa!!!!!!!

  46. paige says:

    hi britney,
    if you read this letter i just want to say that you mean the world to me because you are one of the bst singers in the world and when you first song came out it was the best ever the best bit was the vidio you made of it i can still remember the words for it.

    all my love paige.c

  47. omar says:

    smill came for the perpuos become a lot of main good work.

  48. john says:

    Hey Brittney i am glad that you notice your fans,thats really nice .i am not really a fan just someone that would really like for you to try maybe seeing someone that would treat you like a a best friend,have you ever considered maybe going out with someone that is not a star,that is just a average man works everyday, that wants nothing from you but your love.just to be able to hang out at home maybe a evening would be a nice walk down a beach just holding you and letting you know how beautiful you are,seems impossible to you i am sure but i wish i had someone that was so beautiful and just would give a guy like me the chance to show you that i am here for you after a long hard day.anyway i am not rich or famous hell i am not having alot going for me do, well i am just a forty yr old man that works everyday and wish i could have a chance to really have you for one evening just to have fun just to look at how beautiful you are and just be there to talk.have a good life PLEASE KNOW THAT LIFE IS NOT FAIR BYE FAR BUT COULD BE REALLY GOOD.

  49. real milfs says:

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